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I will crush you.

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Comments (19)

Keep rockin.


thanks bro \m/

i came back looking for your 1 minute breakdown of death and it ISN'T HERE =(

haha yeah man. I took them down =(

pm me if you want the track

Hooblah! I took nearly every track down because of the daily zero bombing shit. i mean whats the point in submitting anything if it never stays on the front page no thanks to those zero voting faggets? does no good for my rep. For some reason i cant delete Labyrinth of the Damned and idky.

Anywho, keep up with all your kool shiz. keep me posted on any new stuff :)

will do. Yeah, it wont let you take down some songs =(

oh well \m/

Dude, Put that Dissection cover Back up! It sounded Pissed!

its on my myspace bro \m/

aww cmon i need ur old stuff back theyr the best....please!!

I need ur metal!!

i might man

dude you have to post return of khala back up, i loved the lamb of god/chimaira mix.

pm whenever you release the cd.

will do

Seems like you got it all good!


I thank you,for your incredible music

i love you

keep it metal \M/


Looking forward to that album. Just wondering, did you remove Shrine of The Gods? That was like my favorite song! Luckily, I downloaded it before it got deleted (When I didn't have a Newgrounds account, but spent plenty of my time there), but if you still have it, you should definitely put it back up.

yeah, its gonna rock. I took it down, along with my other songs, a while ago. I still have it, but am too lazy to put it up. Maybe I'll upload all my songs somewhere someday

heavy man
you make really fucking great music
make more and stay heavy

wil do \m/

awesome metal man, but why did you delete tribute to sin? It was awesome and I wanted to use it on my flash

I'll put it up now.

hey man, the link to your new side project isn't working! :[

thanks! Fixed now.

your music rocks, literaly

Dude, ive heard some pretty wicked stuff on NG, but i have to say, you brought the metal to NG. Keep up the good work! your the best!!!

i don't get y u quit in the first place...skrew the voters...wats the point in making music if u can't understand that its the fans that matter and not the haters

get ur ass bak on ng and upload music.

lol i might dude. i just might

when you gonna upload more music. i am anxious to hear what you have been working on if you have been working on any song that is. all your others are truly awesome

hopefully i will be uploading on a regular basis now. more time = music. thanks for keeping track man

You rock bro. I hope to see more of your awesome work in the future. \m/

wtf happened to you...i miss your music