2009-03-07 11:20:26 by deathkllr84

Check out my new single [Sacrifice] , finally got around to recording and finishing it.

Also, I have a channel for my electronic music now:

Here is my Deathkllr84 music with vocals:

Keep it metal \m/

Ibanez GRX guitar
Ibanez GIO bass
Digitech RP250 Multi-effects (recording, custom tones)
Crybaby Wah Pedal
Ibanez/Crate Amps
Monster Cables

Audacity (of course!)
FL Studio 8
Ezdrummer DFH
Adobe Audition (just got recently, good for mastering)

-----Musician Statistics----
-200+ songs written and recorded
-50+ collabs finished
-250+ fans